Lineage II GvE
Version: IL Rates: 8000x 8000x 1x 1x Style: Faction 0
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Features L2 Good Vs Evil is a server where the characters are divided in two functions, "Good" and "Evil" designed to fight among each other in various tournaments. This server has heavily modified the original LineageII MMORPG game to create a different style of gameplay. Here are the server spesific features: Many towns and castles available for capture( 5 towns - 5 castles). Trade chat is used for Faction chat, No one from enemy faction can hear you. Adena bonus when you kill someone with many kills in a row B Grade items free. 1 PVP = 1 Adena + Bonus(if any). No nobless is needed, buffs will not get removed if you die. Buffer with all buffs. (no adena needed) Buffs stay for 24 Hours. Tattoo's status 100% Working. Guards at every teleport spawn. Guards at factions bases. Guards around the Magic Crystal(the one you hit to capture the town/castle). Every 10 votes in Hopzone gives 10 Event Medals at all online players. Top PVP NPC to see the best players in game Quake mode, so you can see the most dangerous players in game Top 3 Players(in pvp kills) are heroes You start 80 Level Custom command to change your password Custom command to see the territories' owners Custom command to see the online players count Free B Grade items